Ukrainian Language Prep

My PC tool kit suggests I begin learning Ukrainian prior to my departure in March. I am ecstatic that I have SO much time to prepare for my epic journey! The only problem is that I’m having a tough time actually sitting down and getting in a routine. I guess step #1 is to buy a decent lap top in order to actually utilize the online lessons!!! (I have ADD so it’s VERY difficult for me to concentrate  anywhere except a library or in the confinds of my own room. Plus I am planning on taking a laptop with me to serve). Step -1…I have to SAVE up for a laptop! (but that’s a whole different story). I feel like I’m wasting so much time by not learning NOW/EVERYDAY!

BUTTTTT I have several travel plans for the month of november/early december so it would be better to start after all this. I have decided that by 6/DEC I will have my laptop and be ready to learn Ukrainian. I plan on spending AT LEAST 1 + hours a day for four/five days a week learning the language (just like UCSB-Spanish lessons). That will give me approximately 14 weeks of language before I depart for staging. (That’s like almost a quarter and 1/2 of school). This should be enough time (I hope).

I am really nervous about learning the language :/

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One Response to Ukrainian Language Prep

  1. Amy C Quick says:

    The language is not so bad. Scary and hard, but it comes along. I started Russian a few months ago with online sites and Community Ed classes. For right now, I am concentrating on Russian, but just keep at it and it will come. It has been a fabulous language to discover and learn.

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