Why yes I am happy, thank you!

Now that I’ve had a few days to digest the news of where I will be living for the next 27 months, I have had time to think about my future life in Ukraine. As I excitedly tell friends/family aboout my country location, some seem shocked to hear how ecstatic I am about living here: “You’re going to…. Ukraine? Why?” This caused me to pause and look at the the big picture.

Originally I had wanted to go to a Latin American country because this is what I had studied in school, I knew a little Spanish and I had a lot of interest in these regions. Knowing pretty early on that this option was off the table, I was thinking about where else I would really be excited to live.

Asia: I have already lived in China for a while. It was a great experience, but I feel like I defidently had my fill of this cutlure/region. It’s not really my cup of tea (although I had a GREAT time while it lasted, the prospect of returning to Asia wasn’t thrilling)

Africa: I feel pretty neutral about this region. Nothing turns me off, but nothing really peaks my interst. In my opinion, some people just tend to gravitate towards certain countries/cultries, and there just really isn’t any calling for me here.

Central Asia: My opinions of these nations are based on heresay. Unfortunately, I think I have let the opinions of others influence my outlook on this region. I commend all of the volunteers serving/about to serve here but I am glad I am not going here.

Eastern Europe: For an English Teacher, this really leaves only Eastern Europe. I don’t know very much about this region, and I like that. I have no pre-concieved notions/opinions about this region other than Eastern Europe (in the general sense) is a little more modern then a lot of other regions (sometimes nicknamed the Posh Corps). I also think its a nice jumping off point for travel. I can’t wait to try a lot of Ukrainian/Russian cuisine. I just ordered a Lonely Planet book and another book about cultures/customs in Ukraine so I can become oriented with this nation. All things considered, I REALLY am happy to be serving in Ukraine. I really look forward to the aculturation process 🙂

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6 Responses to Why yes I am happy, thank you!

  1. Katrina Dix says:

    My invitation was mailed today…I can’t think about anything else! I don’t know what country I’m going to yet, but it’s Central Asia/Eastern Europe with a March 2011 departure. Ahhhhh!

  2. Davi Conard says:

    CONGRATS!!! I’m also leaving for Ukraine in March 2011. I am also very excited to be serving in Ukraine. Orginally I was suppose to serve somewhere in Africa but when I got my invitation and read Ukraine, I was very estatic and thrilled of my location. Anyway looking forward to meet up in March! Hope to keep in touch!

  3. Catharine Morgan says:

    Hi! I’m headed to Ukraine in March for TEFL as well! Looks like there’s already a few of us. Feel free to shoot me a note (you should have my email through this comment) if you want to connect!

  4. Natalie Legrand says:

    Hi! I’m leaving March 2011 too! Except I’m in community Development.. either way I’m sure our paths will cross. I was originally nominated for Latin America, as I speak the language fluently. But w/ the Peace Corps one never knows.. its part of the adventure. Congrats! I hope to meet others from my group soon!

  5. Erin says:

    Heyyy I just found your blog online. I’m doing TEFL in Ukraine with staging on march 21st. I’m super excited. Totally was expecting Africa cause I speak french. So excited! I’m only really worried about the language and the cold right now lol

  6. Amy C Quick says:

    Natalie, I am with you in the Community Development assignment. So excited!!!

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